There are many people working to advance mankind’s understanding of the past – its people, their monuments, their artifacts. Here below we present contributions from the public (these articles, or videos as the case may be, will be rotated periodically).

“Fond Memories of John Anthony West” with Dr. Robert Schoch


In this “video snapshot”, edited by Bill Cote (Director of Photography for ORACUL’s documentary, “Civilization Before Civilization”) using footage shot in Egypt during the summer of 2023, Dr. Robert Schoch reminisces about his early trips to Giza and his work on the Great Sphinx with the late John Anthony West (1932–2018).

“The Sakkara Palm Club and the Red Pyramid” with Dr. Robert Schoch


While having lunch at the Sakkara Palm Club, Dr. Robert Schoch briefly offers some comments regarding the Sakkara Plateau and interesting features found within the Red Pyramid of Dahshur. This “video snapshot” was edited by Bill Cote (Director of Photography for ORACUL’s documentary, “Civilization Before Civilization”) using footage shot in Egypt during the summer of 2023.

An Hypothesis Regarding the Possible Intentional Burial of Ancient Egypt (in similar fashion to Göbekli Tepe):

During ORACUL’s May 2019 Egypt tour, Catherine Ulissey (wife of Dr. Robert Schoch and one of ORACUL’s founding members) made an observation while viewing large archival photos on display at the Welcome Center at Karnak. It appeared to her that some of the largest remaining structures of the Karnak Temple Complex had at one time in their past been intentionally buried. The question became, when and why? And did other sites in Egypt suggest similar intentional burial? Working with her husband, ORACUL’s Research Director Dr. Robert Schoch, the two expanded their observations and hypothesis to sites across Egypt. On their website they present, with photographs to illustrate, their hypothesis regarding the potential Ancient and Intentional Burial of Egypt (in similar fashion to Göbekli Tepe in Turkey). Note: This is an external link.

An Article from John Lundwall, Ph.D.

Writer, lecturer, editor, author, and archaeoastronomer John Lundwall takes the reader to the American Southwest in The Medium is the Message: Stars and Stones in the Ancient Landscape.

Click here, or the image immediately below, for his presentation.

An Interview with Archaeologist Brennan Bajdek

In this two-part interview, Archaeologist (and ORACUL Advisor) Brennan Bajdek shares his views and experiences with us regarding a number of topics. Recorded in Egypt, May 2019, by Chris Noble (and edited by Chris Noble). Click here for Part 1; click here for Part 2, and/or click the image below for ORACUL’s YouTube Channel.

An Article by Robert Neyland

International award-winning ice sculptor, Robert Neyland, offers his perspective on the carving of one of the world’s most famous monuments: The Great Sphinx of Egypt.

Click here, or the image below, for his presentation.


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