There are many people working to advance mankind’s understanding of the past – its people, their monuments, their artifacts. Here below we present contributions from the public (these articles, or videos as the case may be, will be rotated periodically).

An Article by Robert Neyland

International award-winning ice sculptor, Robert Neyland, offers his perspective on the carving of one of the world’s most famous monuments: The Great Sphinx of Egypt.

Click here, or the image below, for his presentation.

An Interview with Archaeologist Brennan Bajdek

In this two-part interview, Archaeologist (and ORACUL Advisor) Brennan Bajdek shares his views and experiences with us regarding a number of topics. Recorded in Egypt, May 2019, by Chris Noble (and edited by Chris Noble). Click here for Part 1; click here for Part 2, and/or click the image below for ORACUL’s YouTube Channel.

An Article from John Lundwall, Ph.D.

Coming soon!